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We’re at the crossroads of one of history’s biggest communication shifts, our calling is to equip churches to embrace and leverage this change for growth and outreach.

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Web Design for Churches: Engage and Inspire

Designs that captivate and connect your online congregation.

Web Development: Strong foundations to grow on

Constructing robust websites built to grow with your Church.

Social Media Management: Connect, Engage, Inspire

Harnessing the power of social platforms to foster a vibrant church community.

Resources to grow digitally - Coming soon

Harnessing the power of social platforms to foster a vibrant church community.

Why is being online so important?

We are witnessing a profound shift in the landscape of communication. Today, the digital world is the new marketplace of ideas, reshaping every aspect of life, church is no exception. This transformation poses new challenges but also new opportunities for churches.


While the live stream of Sunday sermons, visually appealing graphics, and contemporary stage designs are noteworthy, these are but a fraction of the potential of the digital era. As Genesis, we have spent time working alongside churches, unveiling the true impact of digital presence in promoting and deepening faith.


We have encountered scepticism. Some Church leaders fear that the digital approach is about appearance with little essence. This fear stems from a deeply ingrained notion: church success is synonymous with physical attendance.


We at Genesis see things differently.


Our vision goes beyond mere online presence. We believe that the digital landscape is an opportunity to guide more individuals towards faith. Therefore, our services are crafted with a people-first approach, prioritising meaningful connections and spiritual growth over numbers.


The digital age is not a threat to faith communities; rather, it’s an avenue for renewal. With our unique approach, we’ve seen a transformative impact. As we facilitate more active engagement through our services, we witness lives touched, communities strengthened, and faith deepened.


A church website isn’t just a platform to showcase your Sunday sermons; it’s your online church, a beacon of faith that shines around the clock. It’s the platform where you engage with the faithful, keep them informed about upcoming events, and receive their generous contributions.


It’s essential to acknowledge that the digital generation isn’t an audience for the future; they are the congregation of today. The longevity and vibrancy of your church depend on your ability to connect with younger audiences, who are increasingly digital natives.


Genesis is here to guide your church into the digital age. We offer services that not only establish your online presence but also help you flourish in the digital realm. We are committed to empowering churches to adapt, to keep the word of Christ vibrant and accessible in the modern world.


Embrace the digital. Inspire faith every day. Experience the Genesis difference. Starting today.

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