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The power of connection.

Your congregation is on social media, so should your church. With Genesis, we leverage the power of connection on social media to help you reach more people and make more disciples.

Why does your church need to be active online?

In today’s digital era, your church’s presence on social media isn’t optional – it’s vital. Why? Because that’s where your future congregation hangs out.

Young people are not just looking for a church, they’re looking for a vibrant, thriving community that resonates with their modern sensibilities. However, with Genesis, we bring your church into the spotlight, showcasing it as a dynamic, fun, and welcoming place to connect with faith.

Through engaging content and nurturing online communities, we help bridge the gap between your church and the younger generations.

Our mission?

To ensure your church isn’t just keeping up with the times, but leading the way, inspiring faith and connection every single day.

Through our strategic social media management, we bridge the generational gap and ensure your church is not just keeping up with the times, but actively leading the way. We embrace the digital, not as a threat, but as an opportunity—a powerful tool to inspire faith and foster connection every single day.

With Genesis by your side, your church becomes a beacon of the modern faith community, radiating warmth, welcome, and the message of Christ in a language that the digital generation understands and appreciates.

But why work with Genesis?

Ever felt like you’re shouting into a void on social media? Throwing out post after post, but unsure if it’s really resonating with anyone? You’re not alone. Most churches are feeling the exact same way. But that’s where Genesis steps in.

Our social media management creates an engaging, dynamic presence for your church on the platforms where your congregation already spends their time. We strategize, create, and manage content that resonates with your community and brings your church’s mission and values to the forefront.

Through personalized engagement, we foster connections that resonate at a deeper level. We encourage conversations and interactions that allow your members to share their faith journey, participate in church events, and feel a part of the church family, even from the comfort of their homes.


Engaged online faithful community

The heart of every church is its congregation, and with Genesis, we aim to strengthen this core through social media. We help build a vibrant online community that feels like an extension of your in-person services. But it’s more than just digitalizing your congregation.

Through personalised engagement, we foster connections that resonate at a deeper level. We encourage conversations and interactions that allow your members to share their faith journey, participate in church events, and feel a part of the church family, even from the comfort of their homes.

You have a powerful message, and we believe it should reach as many people as possible. Social media is the perfect platform for your church to connect with potential followers beyond your immediate community.

With Genesis, we use strategic social media practices to extend your church’s influence and attract new followers. We share engaging, faith-filled content that not only resonates with your current members but also appeals to the spiritual curiosity of potential followers. From captivating stories of transformation to inspiring verses and messages, we put your church’s mission in front of the people who need to hear it the most.

With a strong social media presence managed by Genesis, your church can connect with more people, attract new followers, and nurture them in their faith journey. In this digital era, your church can be a beacon of hope and faith, not just in your local community, but to people around the globe.

Experience genuine Social Media Management, designed with faith and effectiveness in mind.

So what exactly is it that we offer?


Crafting compelling, faith-inspiring digital content.

From compelling social media posts to inspiring graphics, we meticulously craft content that echoes your church’s unique message and promotes community engagement.


Tailored Plans for Your Growth

By understanding your church’s goals, we formulate bespoke social media strategies that drive engagement, foster connections, and promote faith growth.


Nurturing Your Online Congregation

We ignite meaningful conversations and interactions in your online community, fostering a sense of unity and shared faith among your followers.

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