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We believe in the transformative power of faith, and we know that good design and efficient communication can make a world of difference.

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Genesis provides you with

A Digital Home for Your Faith Community

You know how it goes. “Check our Facebook page! Wait, no – look at the email newsletter! Actually, call the church secretary!” Sound familiar? It’s not just you – a lot of churches struggle with keeping their communication clear.

But that’s exactly where our digital church hub comes in. Think of it as the online home for your entire congregation. It’s a one-stop destination for all things related to your church, cutting through the noise and delivering clear, concise information.

Here’s the best part – our hub isn’t just for information. It actively encourages your members to grow in their faith. Interested in church events? They’re on the hub. Want to make a donation? You can do it from the hub. Ready to take the next step in your faith journey? The hub’s got you covered.

It enables your church website to stay in step with the fast pace of ministry. Simple, right?

Designed to engage all generations.

We’ve found that many churches struggle to attract families and younger generations. These are the folks who live online, who use the web as their compass to guide their decisions. That’s why your first digital impression matters so much.

With Genesis, we ensure that your website gives a good first impression to new visitors and your current congregation. New visitors aren’t met with a clunky, old website that hasn’t been updated in 3 years. They’re met with a modern, clean design that showcases your Churches culture and uniqueness. Tailored to resonate with your visitors. The result? An inviting Church home that leaves a lasting positive impression that encourages people to join, explore and grow their faith with your church.

Your Faithful Companion, 24/7

Our websites work tirelessly even when you can’t. They offer your congregation a constant point of contact, providing information about events, booking options for activities, and communication avenues. This leaves your church more time to focus on what truly matters: spreading the love of Jesus and fostering a community of faith.


The Worlds most popular platform

Keeping your website up-to-date is crucial. That’s why we use WordPress, a platform powering over half of the internet’s websites, known for its ease of use. Whether you need to change content, update photos, or announce events, managing your website is straightforward even without tech expertise. We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support.

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